Welcome to Girouard + Hebert Architects.  We specialize in designing classic, timeless homes firmly rooted in the rich architectural history of the South, particularly Louisiana.  We also provide commercial design services, using those same historical references to create a structure that will give your business a strong, enduring identity.  We draw inspiration from the French, Spanish, Creole, and Caribbean influences found in Louisiana’s architecture to create residential and commercial buildings that will stand the test of time with a feeling of casual elegance and warmth.  We base our design process on the philosophy that great design is always the result of attention to detail.  We listen closely to our client’s wants and needs and provide the appropriate level of historical detailing to ensure that those needs are met and that their dreams are realized.

Our website offers you a preview of a small portion of the numerous designs of varying sizes and styles that are available through our firm.  To view additional designs, or to work with us on a custom design for your home or commercial project, please feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment.


Steven Girouard and Jarod Hebert both grew up in Vermilion Parish surrounded by the prairies and farmlands of South Louisiana.  They were both fascinated by the unique shapes, textures and colors found in the local architectural vernacular.  They gradually realized that as the region was settled, the inhabitants adapted the construction methods of their homelands to respond to the local topography and hot, humid climate.  This potent mix of styles and influences results in an architectural language that is unique to this area.   Girouard and Hebert believe that the use of appropriate detailing, based on these historical precedents, will serve not only to enhance a structure’s appearance, but also to increase its longevity, value, and ultimately, its appeal to prospective homeowners and/or commercial tenants.  Their residential and commercial designs draw heavily on the time-tested historical precedents seen throughout Louisiana and the South; and as such, they are likely to endure as classic, timeless, elegant structures, wherever they are built. 


Many cultures have come together to create Louisiana’s rich architectural heritage.  As they immigrated to Louisiana, each of these unique cultures had to adapt their way of life to suit the new environment they found.  This resulted in a unique culture whose life, food, music, and indeed whose architecture is like no other.  As their individual building traditions were adapted to respond to Louisiana’s hot, humid climate, a new style of architecture was born:  Louisiana architecture.  It is a potent gumbo infused with elements of English, American, French, Spanish, African, Acadian, Creole, and West Indies architecture.  With its juxtaposition of simple historical construction methods, rich materials, vibrant earth-toned colors, and varied vernacular forms, the architecture of Louisiana is as special and unique as the state itself.